Look, see, create

From October 26st till November 16th, 2013
ACEC Gebouw Roggestraat 44 Apeldoorn The Netherlands

  • Published: 17 October 2013

    News, Röntgen’s X back in Apeldoorn


    On October 26st the German Gerätebau Felix Schulte introduces the new X-desk: the new digital workspace for radialogists of Planilux, a design of the furniture- and interior designer Bert Klaaysen from Apeldoorn.

    Planilux, a brand that is made by GFS since 1954, is know by radiologist, hospitals and clinics worldwide. Once designed as a light casing for the evaluation of analog X-rays. Now developed as a digital workspace that fits the present working method of radiologists.

    The choice of the introduction of the X-desk in Apeldoorn, was one that was a deliberate consideration because the discoverer of the X-ray Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen lived in Apeldoorn a part of his live. That the designer of the X-desk originates from Apeldoorn adds something special.

    The introduction of the X-desk is part of the exhibition ‘Look, see, create’ in the ACEC building. The piece of furniture will be shown together with other designs from October 26st till November 16th 2013.

    Watch the teaser: Schermafbeelding 2013-10-08 om 14.46.54

  • Published: 14 October 2013

    News, Design passing boundaries with courage

    Two furniture previews from designer from Apeldoorn on exhibition ‘Kijken, zien, creëren’

    The funiture- and interior designer Bert Klaaysen from Apeldoorn will open the exhibition ‘Look, see, create’  on saterday October 26st 2013 at 16.00 hrs, ACEC building. With this exhibition Klaaysen wants to inspire with design. The designs he will show originats from the principal ‘Loof, see, create’ which explains the titel of the exhibition.

    Double preview

    At the opening Klaaysen design will present three furniture lines. The new created desk Planilux X-desk: a workplace for radiologists, designed for the German Gerätebau Felix Schulte. The second preview is his own furniture line, Aviator line®. Next to these two lines he will show saltego, a furniture line that is nominated for the German Design Award 2014.


    Klaaysen & Co

    Without exceptions all designs of Bert Klaaysen have there origin in the close working together with international partners, each with there own specialties. This expertise will be displayed during the exhibition, together with the work of the principals.

    According to Vroon

    Klaaysen has asked the photographer Peter Vroon from Apeldoorn to give his creative ideas about the theme ‘Look, see, create’. A beautifull photo collection is the result that will be seen during the exhibition the whole time.

    With a twist

    For those who know Bert it is not hard to imagine that the opening will have his own special sigature. To enjoy design in a natural and comfortable atmosphere with interaction and a twist.

  • Published: 8 October 2013

    News, Be your own pilot

    The première showing of Bert Klaaysen’s own furniture design on October 26st 2013

    Aviator line®

    Aviator line®  is designed from a endless urge to show what working in the present should be: independent, active and with guts.

    Especialy designed for entrepeneurs and companies that follow their own course.

    Aviator line® creates an atmosphere and when that atmosphere is right, everything is right. Literally a space originates in a way that corresponds with the present.

    Do what you must do. Where and how you want it to be. Be your own pilot.

    Look, see, create. Aviator line®.

    Première Saterday October 26 st  16:00 hrs. ACEC, Roggestraat 44, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

    Watch the teaser:

    Schermafbeelding 2013-10-08 om 14.46.54

  • Published: 19 September 2013

    News, Network evenings ‘design as inspiration’

    Network evenings

    With the exhibition ‘Look, see, create’ Bert shows ‘the Klaaysen design’. Furniture allways functional, uncomplicated and effective, but off course it does not stop there.

    Bert will do more then just show. On both evenings he will share his vision on todays working environments. Design as inspiration about working and coorporation, the influence of style, light and color. About the trends and sustainability.

    In other words an inspiring evening for everyone who wants to know more about design in the working space.

    Wednesday evening, October 30th 2013, from 19.30 hrs.

    Wednesday evening, November 13th 2013, from 19.30 hrs.

    Sign up via Eventbrite, free admission.

  • Published: 29 July 2013

    News, Dutch design nominated for German Design Award 2014


    The funiture brand saltego, designed by the Dutch designer grappa design approach, is nominated for the prestigious German Design Award 2014 in the catagory Workspaces.

    The award  will be assigned by the Rat für Formgebung, a well-established institution that represents the German design culture for over 60 years. In the opinion of the jury  saltego is a very outstanding design that convinces with all details.

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Why: Look, see, create

To enter a building or space and look. Seeing the possibilities with great empathy. A matching advice as reference for the interior design. Striking how every detail counts. Making you feel comfortable and showing the best of yourself. Look, see, create. That is what Klaaysen design from Apeldoorn does for your company or organisation.


Klaaysen Design B.V.

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Where and when: Look, see, create

October 26th 2013, ACEC building, Roggestraat 44 (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands)

The ACEC is an exhibition space and activity center. Next to several different events, many (music)performances, lectures and workshops are organised. Also businessmeetings and receptions take place.

The ACEC building
On the ground floor of the former electronica factory you find the exhibition space and the comfortable and quiet ACEC café. On the other floors of the building several cultural and creative companies are located.

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Design as inspiration

To enter a building or space and look. Seeing the possibilities with great empathy. A matching advice as reference for the interior design. Striking how every detail counts. Making you feel comfortable and showing the best of yourself. Look, see, create. That is what Klaaysen design from Apeldoorn does for your company or organisation.

For decades Bert has been a dedicated, independant, furniture- and interior designer.  With an open mind, original and critical he approaches himself and the project at hand. Translating the wishes of the user to a concrete solution. Not just by himself, but with a wide and international network of professionals. Taking an extra step for many diversivied projects. For every project, great or small, all the way with the same inspiration.


Why partners?

Trust as inspiration. The starting point of all our collaborations. Whether working with colleagues, suppliers or international partners. Being organisator or partner. Every project is done with trust and appreciation for each other.

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